05 Jul 2017

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Augentius (cooconnect) recognises the great importance of supplying consumers with the quality of support they deserve, and fulfilling each and every requirement they have. Even with the highest standards of excellence, it is crucial that all services are delivered to customers punctually. With a tried and tested track record, Augentius has trust in its Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities.

Despite changes in legislation and a high amount of work, the technical team at Augentius maintains its reliability in providing an excellent standard of support. The AIFMD or "Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive" is a partnership between KNEIP (one of the best global investment fund market services and computer software providers) and Augentius, a respected Private Equity and Real Estate administrator. The KNEIP AIFMD (Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive) reporting facility was tested for several months and it was concluded that it is amongst the best software that the AIFMD provides.

Career Advancement at Augentius

Augentius allows personnel to develop their skills... consequently enhancing the organisation itself. The company's outstanding achievements are mostly due to the continuing support it offers to its workforce. Through the development of this enterprise comes improved opportunities for staff development. The workforce of Augentius has been supplied with many chances to develop their occupations. This has included courses to improve their capabilities and knowledge.

Augentius provides ongoing long-term support to clients to guarantee that their FATCA services are preserved appropriately. The passing of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) heralded particular Reporting expectations under IRS and local IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement) laws... The implications of this have an effect on economic activities in excess of sixty nations around the world. FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) performs a leading function in the financial industry, impacting all financial organisations around the world. Do you require assistance with registering? With dependable personnel at hand, Augentius can support you with this.

Who are Augentius?

Augentius is a Real Estate and Private Equity administrator with customers worldwide. Whether it involves looking after the simplest or the most complicated financial matters, a company must have the experience to back up its actions. Located near London Bridge in the United Kingdom, the company was formed in 2002 and routinely employs from 200 to 500 people. Augentius employs fully-qualified and dedicated accountants to handle and provide outstanding services to its clients.

Advantages of Being Connected with Augentius

Taking on only the most-knowledgeable to build the teams that serve their customers, Augentius goes a step further by providing expert specialists to support them in dealing with complicated issues. The business carries out their tasks, paying strict attention to certain stipulations and guidelines. Augentius puts the end-user first, making certain that they get the services they require, without delay and to their expectations. Increasing possessions often drown the capacity to manage them. That’s why many enterprises seek help from professionals who specialise in asset management.